GAOYE Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses Women Men, Anti Headache Readers TR90 Light Weigh

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Why do we need the blue light filter glasses?
Too much blue light exposure will cause eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches.
According to recent studies, too much blue light exposure can even lead to permanent eye damage and vision loss.
Now that we are using more digital devices at home and work, it’s important to protect our eyes as much as possible.

How does blue light filter lens work?
Blue light filter lens feature a special coating that restricts blue light from passing through the lenses.
Wearing blue light filter glasses while working with digital devices can help in reducing the risk of developing eye related problems.

Gaoye Blue Light Shield Computer Glasses can help reduce harmful blue light and has 100% UV protection

Works for everything
Reduce blue light exposure from digital screen (computers, smart phones, TV’s, tablets), as well as fluorescent and LED lighting, even the sun! (100% UV)

Maintain optimal eye health
Keep working and playing on your devices longer without the sore, dry eyes or headaches. Let your eyes stay fresh and healthy.

Improve Sleep
Did you know high energy blue light emitted by electronic devices can disrupt the production of melatonin, the “sleepy” hormone?

Tips for use:
For most people these glasses will work right out of the box. For a small number of people it may take a while to get used to them especially if you’re not used to wearing glasses before, during this adjusting period you may experience discomfort or headaches.
We recommend trying the glasses for a week or two and see if things improves. Also don’t forget to take breaks every 20 mins or so, and let your eyes rest in a dark area (if possible) to minimize eyestrain!

Specification: GAOYE Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses Women Men, Anti Headache Readers TR90 Light Weigh

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