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How to join Intermiles quiz?


1. First of all download intermiles app from playstore :- 

2. Now open app, scroll down in the app and click on “QUIZ-A-THON”


3. Click on Start Quiz and play

Intermiles Quiz A Thon Answer [25 Feb – 3 March]

Q. 1 What is the name of the trophy awarded in India- Australia test series?
👉Border-Gavaskar trophy
Q. 2 What is Canada’s national winter sport?
Q. 3 What year was the first ever Wimbledon tournament held?
Q. 4 In the sport of cross-country biking, what do the letters BMX stand for?
👉Bicycle moto x or Bicycle motocross
Q. 5 What sport is played on the biggest pitch if considered from the perspective of surface area?
Q. 6 The Olympics are held every how many years?
👉4 years
Q 7 How many minutes was the longest recorded point in the history of tennis?
👉29 minutes
Q. 8 In the first 20-20 world cup in 2007, Yuvraj Singh blasted six sixes in an over. He was the second Indian to achieve this feat in first class cricket. Who was the first?
👉Ravi shastri

Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon Answers(18 to 24 february )

1.Hollow white bread filled with super spicy curry called Bunny Chow, can be found in

ANS: South Africa

2. You will find Arepas in

ANS :Venezuela

3. You can eat Goi cuon in

ANS: Vietnam

4. Paella is a cuisine

ANS: Spanish

5. Fajitas are a staple of cuisine

ANS: Mexican

6. If you like seafood, you can’t visit _ without trying its spicy, sloppy, meaty specialty called Chilli Crab

ANS: Singapore

7. Som Tam is a traditional dish

ANS: Thai

8. is the largest producer of maple syrup in the world

ANS: Canada

🔥Intermiles quiz answer (4feb)


1. What is the currency of Kuwait?

ans:- Dinar

2. What is the currency of Turkey?


3. What is the currency of Korean Republic


4. Which country’s Currency is derived from Sanskrit Word Rupyakam?

Ans:- Indonesia


5. Which other Country’s Currency sounds like the currency of Qatar?


6. If you pay for a meal in Krona, you’re in?


7. Peso is currently used in ____ countries?


8. If you pay in Riyals, you’re in?

ans:-Saudi Arabia

NOTE:- In 8 me se koi 6 poochega



⚡️Intermiles quiz answers⚡️(28 Jan To 3 Feb) 


👉Delhi to Kolkata


👉 Thailand




👉Delhi(Flim Eat Pray Love)


👉 Switzerland (more than 200 flims)




👉 New York


👉 Kolkata


Note : – Question and answers both are disorder so check before proceeding. 






22 july 1947








Post offices 


Puran swaraj day 






NOTE:- Answer Are Disorder So Check Before Answering.



Intermiles Quiz Answer (14-20 Jan 2020)

1. Greece. – …400 Years ago

2. Canada. – …. Fries with gravy
3. Sri Lanka -…..kottu. .. is a dish
4. Austria -…..Apfelstrudel is a
5. Vietnam-….. Pho is from
6. Finland -……you”ll find Leipuuslo with coffee
 7.Colombia. -……Bandeja
8. Poland. -…..where will you find dish

Note : – Question and answers both are disorder so check before proceeding.


Intermiles This week Quiz Answer(31st December – 6th January)


👉Matthew Perry


👉Fruits &vegetables

👉Money Heists

👉Summer Olympics

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