Google Pay Chennai Event Answers

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 🔥 Google Pay Chennai Event Answers 😍

🔥 Google Pay Chennai Event Answers 😍

Q1. Which UNESCO world heritage site is located near chennai ?

Ans. Monuments at Mahabalipuram

Q2. Which type of saree would you be buying from tamil nadu ?

Ans. Kanjivaram Saree

Q3. Chennai film industry ?

Ans. Kollywood

Q4. Not a popular drink of chennai ?

Ans. Apo

Q5. How will you find the customer care ?

Ans. Go to help inside google pay app

Q6. Popular dish in chennai ?

Ans. All of them

Q7. Not a railway station in chennai ?

Ans. Chennai Cantt.

Q8. Second longest urban beach ?

Ans. Marina beach

Q9. Kesri are not type of ?

Ans. Sweet Dish

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