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Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake 


Toilets were installed in Indian railways in 1909

Not Fake

Roses are red violets are blue was written by William Shakespeare


Shampoo was derived from india

Not Fake

🎁Beat the genius episode 9 answers – 18 Nov

1. Who is the only Indian to receive an Honorary Oscar for contributions to cinema?:

[‘Satyajit Ray’]

2. In Hindu mythology – Subala – the father of Shakuni – was the ruler of which kingdom?:


3. How do we better know the poem ‘Tarana-e-Hind’ for which Pandit Ravi Shankar composed the music?:

[‘Sare Jahan Se Accha’]

4. In the 1970s which minister and former trade union leader forced Coca-Cola and IBM to leave India?:

[‘George Fernandes’]

5. Which ruling dynasty of India referred to themselves as ‘Gurkani’?:



🎁Beat the genius episode 8 answers – 17 Nov

1. Which ruler built the Jama Masjid in Delhi?:

Answer:-Shah Jahan

2. What is the minimum age for an Indian citizen to become a Member of the Lok Sabha?:


3. Which state’s movie industry is known by the name ‘Sandalwood’?:


4. At which important location can you find the 145-foot tall Jaipur column?:

Answer:-Rashtrapati Bhavan

5. In which sport has Shiva Keshavan represented India at six consecutive Winter Olympics?:


🎁Flipkart Video Presents Beat the Genius 16 Nov win gvs and scs

Question1) Which Indian business tycoon was the subject of a banned biography “The Polyester Prince” ?

Answer:-Dhirubhai Ambani

Question2) Which is the only national park in the world where you find Asiatic lion ?

Answer :-Gir

Question3) An Ashokan capital which forms the basis for India’s state emblem is found at which place


Question4) who was the basis for the 1980’s comic book hero named “supremo”

Answer:-Amitabh Bachchan

Question5) In Hindu mythology who wields nandaka sword


🎁Flipkart Video Presents Beat the genius – E6: Origins of Satyameva jeyata – 15th Nov 2020

Question1) In 2016 bollywood movie is based on Matthunny Mathews whose effort helped save about 170000 Indians during the Indian Gulf war

Answer: Airlift

Question2) Which is Indians most spoken language after Hindi

Answer: Bengali

Question3) “Emerald, Blue and You” is the tourism tagline of which union territoty of India.

Answer: Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Question4) Who was the first Sportsperson to win Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Answer: Viswanathan Anand

Question5) Indian nationao mottos Satyameva jayate sis taken from whij ancient

Answer: Mundaka Upanishad

🎁Beat the genius episode 5 -14 Nov Answers 

1. In which state would you find mainland India’s easternmost town?:

Answer:-Arunachal Pradesh

2. Which Bangladeshi writer was forced to leave Bangladesh in 1994 for authoring the controversial novel ‘Lajja’?:

Answer:- Taslima Nasrin

3. India’s first nuclear reactor was named after which divine being from Hindu mythology?:

Answer:- Apsara

4. Whose record of most centuries in a single world cup did Rohit Sharma beat in 2019?:

Answer:-Kumar Sangakkara

5. Which river gives its name to a carnivorous dinosaur called Rajasaurus – whose fossils were found in India?:


Flipkart Video Presents Beat the genius – E4: Olympic Gold Quest – 13th Nov 2020

1) Madhubani paintings are traditional art form of which state?

Answer: Bihar

2) Which is the only film starred Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor together?

Answer: D-Day

3) In 1943, CD Deshmukh became the 1st Indian to head which organisation?

Answer: Reserve Bank of India

4) In which country did the Indian Air Force executive Operations Cactus after their government appealed for help?

Answer: Maldives

5) In which year did India win its last Olympics gold in Hockey?

Answer: 1980

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